matthew kaney

Electronic Symphony

Interactive Installation 2013

This installation draws upon the electronic media devices that occupy so much space in our worlds, networking them together into an assemblage of sound and image. Together, they form a sort of band, performing music generated live by a central computer system. This system, responding to the presence of people in the gallery, generates music to score their movements, inviting viewers to move around and dance.

With this work, I’m interested in the intersection of artistic creation and technology. The creative process—especially in the arts—is often thought to be a uniquely human activity. We often like to think that the technologies we use for creating and receiving media are merely tools, incapable of participating in the actual moment of creative inspiration. As the state of technology advances and our computer systems become “smarter” and more responsive, this notion becomes less straightforward. Are they creating for us? For themselves? What are they expecting from us in return?